Tel: 07973 208331    Email:    Ray Presto, Windlesham, Surrey GU20 6LT

Share Ray Presto’s special blend of close up magic and humour with your guests and create

great memories of a very

special event.


Bring people together

Introduce strangers Break the ice


Ray offers personable, easy-going company,

fits right into a crowd then – watch the faces

when he turns a trick or two.


Humour Sleight of hand



Ray’s magic works best at close

quarters when he can move freely

amongst a crowd gathering before dinner

or an event. Up-close and personal magic

will bring groups together encourage them

to mingle and create conversation which can

be remembered for long after the event.


Ray is an ideal magical guest for a

dinner party, business reception,

charitable occasion, product launch,

sporting or award gathering.

“Ray performed his magic at our CHIPS Charity Golf Day at Wentworth Club during the pre-dinner reception. Our guests and major donors loved his tricks and as they are all gaming executives they are experts in the handling

of cards!”


Linda Lindsay,

CHIPS Charity

“Ray Presto was our

magician at my 21st birthday party which I shared with parents

wedding anniversary.

He was brilliant at

bringing the two different groups of guests together and getting them talking as he amazed them all”


Lucy McNally,

Virginia Water, Surrey

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