Tel: 07973 208331    Email:    Ray Presto, Windlesham, Surrey GU20 6LT

Ray has been fascinated and

enchanted by magic since childhood and he has been practising close-up magic for over twenty years. Over time his greatest love and obsession has taken over his life and

his living!


He believes that magic transcends all

culture, language and generation gaps:  whatever the event or age group, magic performed “before your eyes” will always break the ice, set the mood and get guests gasping, talking and laughing.


Ray has performed close-up magic

at House parties, Golf Days, Charity

events and special family celebrations -

from a combined Wedding Anniversary

and 21st Party at Wentworth Club to an informal 60th birthday bash in a Surrey garden. Ray has the ability to mix and

 merge with your friends, family and

business guests to help make your

celebration special.

“My Fuellers’ Golf Day in Wellingborough went with a swing in the evening as Ray Presto’s mix of humour and magic entertained

our clients and business

associates. He was really magic”


Dennis Woods,

City of London Livery:

The Worshipful

Company of Fuellers.

“I met Ray to discuss some business and he ended up showing me a couple of his new magic tricks. I looked so

closely and watched him carefully and still don’t know how he did it.”

A truly amazing



Darren Baldwin,

Graphic Designer



For my masked black-tie party ( or for a special birthday )  I asked Ray to entertain my guests and not only were they astonished by his clever tricks but he was also a source of great delight.

 He created such a sense of wonder and enjoyment the evening was a  huge success.


Julie Mills

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